James Lewis has established himself as an all around recording artist. As a native of Grand Rapids, MI, he plans to leave his imprint on the game by reviving hip-hop as an art form. 

In 2012, James decided to make a change by traveling to Atlanta, GA to pursue a better future. His first stake in that claim was the "Who Am I" EP with the breakout single "Fame" followed by the infamous "Forget To Forgive". James gained his first major exposure in the WWS Magazine
as one of the top indie artist of 2012. With the release of his singles,
"The Revolution" and "Fallen Ashes" from his highly anticipated album, 
For H.E.R., he has shown the world that he brings more to the table
than just rhymes. 

Today, he joins forces with WERC Crew, a collective of influencers and creatives that are quickly making an imprint on the new sound of Atlanta. With a new project on the way and a solid team behind him, James Lewis and the WERC Crew are planning to shake up the music scene in Atlanta.