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James Lewis has established himself as one of the most thoughtful and passionate artists shaping the new sound of Atlanta. More than just a writer, rapper, and performer, James is evolving modern hip-hop as an art form. “I came down here with a simple thought... And that’s to live my dream.” 

A native of Grand Rapids, Michigan, James is well-known for rocking parties at your favorite Atlanta nightclubs with the WERC Crew. You should already be familiar with his singles “Pulp Fiction” and “Take You There” if you’ve been to any of their 100+ events in the last three years. 

@WERC_Crew was recognized by Creative Loafing magazine as “Best Creative Party Planners 2015” and they still show no signs of slowing down. “At first you think ‘success’ is your goals. But then you start to realize that success isn’t your goals, success is the journey... I think that’s what kept me going.” 

James won’t be relaxing yet either, as he plans the release of fresh new videos and more local shows than ever before. Although he’s kept a low profile since lighting up last year’s “One Hunnit” with a lightning flow, the man of mystery knows his goals. And he knows where his future in the industry is headed once the sound of modern rap music catches up to him. 

Now with the release of the latest album LAYERS in late 2017. He have showed the fans that he can expand his artistry to whole new level. LAYERS is known as one of James Lewis best works to date, known for the versatility of each record that he brings together.